Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Give your wallet a break!

I spend an enormous amount of money on makeup. It is fair after all. I do it professionally and I suppose I can claim everything on tax, but sometimes I am actually shocked when I think of the small fortune my kit contains. I am also, in truth, a bit of a makeup snob. Until a couple of years ago I never bought cosmetics in pharmacy's or "drug stores" infact, embarrassingly, I wouldn't even consider wearing any product that wasn't a professional brand and certainly wouldn't use it on clients. It wasn't because I liked the exclusivity of professional and high end products, it was because I simply didn't believe that the cheaper brands were good enough. Now your mainstream makeup brands are really giving professional makeup brands a run for their money in terms of quality, and by mainstream I mean brands like L'oreal, Maybelline, Boujois, Australis, Rimmel etc. I am so pleased to see that cosmetics that are affordable are also of a higher standard these days. Not all women can afford Bobbi Brown, or Giorgio Armani, but all women deserve to get what they pay for and more importantly, look and feel great! 

When it comes to my job I believe I use the best product out there. I know this because I have tried product after product. The ones I choose are usually professional makeup brands and high end makeup brands. I do have a few little "secrets" in there too. These are my pharmacy products that I have discovered through trial and error and have found they do a better job than even the professional products. 
One product I came across, purely because I was a sucker for the advertising (which rarely happens), is the Maybelline foundation range 'Fit Me', which has been on the market for a couple of years now. Even after I bought it I never really gave it a go, finally out of curiosity I tried it again the other day and loved it!! For personal use, day to day, I am thrilled that i've found something very reasonably priced that I can wear on a daily basis and that really is a fantastic product. I wouldn't use it on clients because I have product that is better in terms of longevity and staying power, but this foundation really gives skin a beautiful natural glow!

The 'Fit Me' Foundation comes in a range of shades so there should be one to suit. I chose the 210 and it matches my skin perfectly. It is important when applying the foundation that you really blend the product in. It is best if you avoid this range if you have really overly oily skin, as it is not oil free and has a dewy finish, which can end up looking shiny which is not a good look. My skin is dry to normal so I love having that little bit of extra moisture. Especially when you are older, it is important to add oil back into your makeup so skin looks younger and more plump. 
I buff the foundation in really well using a Hakuhodo stippling brush. Really work it in to increase staying power. I then use the 'Fit Me' Concealer in 15. It is lighter than my foundation so is great for highlighting under the eyes and gives great coverage. I then set my makeup with a translucent powder, buff this into the skin also but be careful not to uncover skin and move your makeup. 
To enhance the glow the foundation gives, I also like to dab a little cream highlighter on the cheek bones, above the brow, down the nose and on the cupids bow. 

Considering I spend so much money on product. Sometimes I just can't justify dipping into my kit and using a $70 foundation on myself. I'm loving that this product is so affordable at just $19!!! and it really has changed my opinion about the quality of pharmacy brand and mainstream brand makeup. If only I'd known sooner.

Get a gorgeous glowing finish to your makeup just like Gemma Ward above.


  1. thank you for your recomendation i am always spending money on the more expensive brands of make up but this post convinced me to convert to cheaper brands.

    I nominated you for the "leibster award" for more information visit the below url


    1. Hi Sara. Thanks so much for your comment. I'm so glad that you got something out of the article. Let me know how you go with the product you buy. If you want anymore affordable recommendations I'm always happy to help.

      Thank you also for the nomination! Thats so sweet of you! Do I need to answer some questions?


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