Monday, 25 August 2014

Sav Sav

I found these photos published online from waaaayyyyy back. They are stills I did for an accessories label called Sav Sav. I tried to get a look at some of the images but never got sent any of the finals. In freelance world you get busy and forget what you ate for breakfast that day, so it can happen that you forget about jobs you did too. This was one that I competely forgot I did. I was blown away when I was deep in blog land and up pop these images I worked on over a year ago! H&MU by moi. Photography by Nadeemy Betros xx


Last week I had the pleasure of popping into the newly renovated Trophy Wife salon in Bridge Road, Richmond which has just been converted into an all-round beauty space, housing some of the loveliest brands such as EvoShanghai Sally and Kester Black and more. We were celebrating owner and creator Chelsea Bagan’s collaboration with nail polish guru and Kester Black creator Anna Ross. The two teamed up to bring us a fabulous booklet of wonderful nail polish designs in cute and quirky colours, entitled The Hand Book, along with a range of colours that have the mark of the collaboration on the bottle.
Everyone at the launch was there in great spirits and there to support a brand and salon that are fast becoming Melbourne icons on the beauty scene. It is fabulous to see two intuitive and bubbling businesses come together to create a range that is fun, accessible and really encompasses the summer vibe we are all longing for. The colours are soft mauve, glittering silver, bright citrus green and gorgeous nude pinks. Perfect for all occasions and styles.
I spoke to Kester Black‘s Anna Ross during the night, and she described the process of collaborating withTrophy Wife‘s Chelsea Bagan as very natural. The two met and it was an instant creative soul mate connection. Anna says of Chelsea that she got her “vibe” instantly and everything just flowed in the collaboration. She also showed her things that she had never thought of before or thought might not work, but instantly knew it was the right creative direction for them to take.
For those who haven’t tried the Kester Black polish, you may have heard me rant on in previous articles.  I won’t go into much more detail other than saying it is now the one and only polish I will use.  The new range of colours from the collaboration as well as The Hand Book, can be ordered online at the Trophy Wife or Kester Black websites. The Hand Book is a must have and great for a gift, so hop to it.

For more information on the range visit www. and
Photos courtesy of Georgia Pollard, and Kester Black.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Barely There Bridal Makeup

Your wedding makeup is supposed to be the makeup that makes you your most beautiful you. It’s supposed to highlight your best self and make your partner’s jaw drop on seeing you walk down the aisle or however you choose to make an entrance.
Some brides are big makeup wearers and like to look as glam as possible on their special day. This is completely fine, however, if it’s not your style, I strongly suggest keeping it as natural as possible on your big day. In fact, the best bridal makeup is makeup that makes you look like a genetically blessed version of your self, with a little something special, not like you are obviously wearing makeup at all.
For a natural, healthy, youthful and stunning bridal look, here’s how to get it. Note: Paired back, this can also make a fabulous day wear or going out look depending on what subtle changes you might make.
My favourite type of bridal skin, is dewy, plump healthy looking skin. So prep the skin by applying a rich moisturiser and massaging it in thoroughly.  For our lovely model Jess, who turned up with clean moisturised skin, I skipped this started off straight away with a primer. I used the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer ($45), which is fantastic in creating soft supple skin.
For the foundation we used L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint ($24.95) which I applied all over the face with a sponge, building where necessary. This foundation gives an extremely natural healthy skin finish, with a lovely glow. It is a sheer foundation, so I would recommend using something heavier for those who need extra coverage. Jess has fantastic skin so this was perfect for her, we just builded application around the nose and under eye area.
Next we concealed under the eye with Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer ($14.95) in number 10. For the under eye area you want to use a concealer that is slightly lighter than you foundation, just to give highlight and lift. For any blemish covering, your concealer must be the same shade as your foundation. Jess only needed a little extra coverage under the eye, so I applied the concealer lightly with a brush and pressed in with my fingers. Once concealer has been applied and smoothed out, set with loose powder by pressing in. I usedLaura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($58) under eyes and will keep aside for final powdering.
Now the eyes are the major focus of bridal makeup, you want to enhance what you have, but in my opinion keep heavy smokey eyes for the hens night. Unless you love makeup and typically wear it a little heavier, you definitely don’t want to do something crazy on the one day you want to look like your best self. You may regret it. So for eyes I like to use soft browns, taupes, pinks and nude tones and accent with a little eyeliner or darker shadow in key places.
For Jess we decided to highlight her gorgeous blue eyes with a fabulous taupe tone called Smoke fromArbonne Cosmetics ($27 each). I washed this colour all over the lid and then used another Arbonne shade called Sand in the crease. Next I took a deeper grey brown shade from the Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Sand Palette  ($110) and added depth into the corner of the eye and crease, creating a sort of “C” shape going from the outside corner of the last line to the outside end of the crease.
Next we lined the eyes with black eyeliner. I used MAC Eye Kohl ($32) then pressed a dark grey/black shadow from Bobbi Brown ($40) into the eyeliner to make sure it sets and doesn’t budge. Lashes were coated withModelCo Lash Extend Mascara ($20) , which isn’t a volumising mascara but separates and adds length to lashes. For more lash volume try Maxfactor Masterpiece Max in Black ($23.95).
Once the eyes are finished, make sure that the base is clean and there is no fall out from the eye. I then added some extra glow by dabbing Vani-T Highlighter in Angel ($40.95) on cheekbones and outside of brow bone and along bridge of the nose.
I like to keep bridal makeup light and fresh and don’t usually like to go too heavy on the cheeks, unless appropriate. For Jess, we used Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur ($28) which is a fabulous shimmery bronze pink shade blusher. I applied this along the cheekbones lightly and accentuated the rosiness by usingBourjois Blush in Rose d’Or ($20).
To finish the look I lined Jess’s lips with a Nude lip pencil and filled with Maybelline Colour Sensation inTantalising Taupe ($16.95). A fabulous and versatile shade that suits almost everyone.
The final touch was a bit of light pencil in the brows and a dash of gloss.
For a more dramatic look try NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park ($39) for the perfect crimson pout.

For bridal makeup trials and consultations please don’t hesitate to contact me via my website or at
Arbonne product can be bought from your trusted Arbonne representative. All the fantastic Arbonne products supplied to me were provided by the lovely Kate Henderson. Kate can be contacted on 0414754102 or She will be more than happy to discuss your skincare and makeup needs over a cup of tea.
All Maybelline, L’Oreal, Max Factor and Bourjois product mentioned in this article can be purchased at Priceline Stores.
Bobbi Brown, MAC and Laura Mercier product can be bought at most David Jones Stores throughout Australia.
Benefit and MAC products can be bought at MYER stores throughout Australia.
All Model Co product can be bought online at as well as selected department stores.
Vani-T product can be bought online at

Friday, 18 July 2014


After applying my first coat of Kester Black 'Moss' Nail Polish, I'm hooked. I pretty much never have to buy any other nail polish brand ever again. No only does this polish not test on animals, and is free of most nasties found in other nail polishes (ticks my ethical product box), the actual product is fantastic! I make concessions for ethically made/natural and organic products. With Kester Black, I don't have to. The polish goes on smooth and evenly. The colour is dense and no streaky and the best bit, after two coats, it kinda looks like I just had shellac. Which I love!!!

The colours in the range are on the money and although they don't have a massive range, say like OPI, there is not a colour I'd want for that they don't have. Each bottle of polish is $20, but 100% worth it.

Check out the website and see the range for yourself. I'm loving Snapdragon, which is a great substitute to Chanel's 'Rouge Noir' which has been pretty much the only nail polish I wore for a few years from 2006 - 2009. I also love 'Black Rose', 'Milky Way' and 'Nude'. DIVINE!!!!

Above image from

Kester Black polish in 'Moss'. My current colour. LOVE!

Thursday, 10 July 2014


I'm really excited to announce that I've found a hair conditioner that is AH-MAZING and contains NO silicones, NO harsh alcohols, NO nasty sulphates and for my dry hair, the results are fab. I've just jumped on this no silicone bandwagon and since doing research I've realised that silicone is in almost EVERYTHING. I have gone through all my hair product and thrown out anything I use on myself that contains any of the "bad" ingredients I mentioned above. I have a feeling these ingredients could be responsible for the troubling hair cycle I have been in lately. I use so many expensive treatments, don't shampoo all the time and wash hair about once a week, but my hair has been frizzy when dry and also my scalp gets irritated after about three days. Since discovering that silicone may be the cause, i've done a few clarifying washes with apple cider vinegar and been only using this Eco Store Conditioner for dry hair and my hair already feels a million times better. Best part is it's $9.95 from the supermarket. 

VERDICT: Leaves hair super silky and soft. For curly haired gals, curls are way more defined. It adds a lot of moisture and shine but does not weigh hair down. Need to use a fair bit in my experience. At least a golf ball size, which means you may get about 6 - 10 washes with it if you are heavy handed like me. Worth it for the money though. Stick with using it for at least four weeks to really start seeing results. If you have straight hair or fine hair there are other varieties in the range. Also the shampoo is fantastic, although I only use every second or third wash. 

BUY IT!!!! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014


So a lot of product comes my way which means I'm forever trying things and writing on them. I don't ever like to tear down a product in my reviews but I also know what it's like to buy something for $30 or more and get home and find out that you don't like it. I wanted to put together a quick and easy guide to buying product in a simple, 'love it' or 'leave it' format. No long winded descriptions, just simply my opinion on whether it's worth your money or not and a brief why.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope it spares you from wasting money on products that just don't cut it. When marketing is so powerful and we are led to believe that you need the latest and greatest product, sometimes it's hard to know what you need versus what your told you need. I hope this helps.

PRODUCT: COSMEDIX Eye Genius eye cream.
COST: RRP $81.40

VERDICT: I was really excited to try this eye brightening eye cream as I can sometimes suffer from darkness under the eyes and also I wanted to target the fine lines in my delicate under eye area. This product DOES brighten under eye with light reflecting particles, but is only really affective under makeup as I found that the whiteness produced by those particles made my under eye look greyish when placed just on skin. This does fade though.
As for softening fine lines, it does do work like any cream when you apply it and immediately notice an injection of moisture and softening of your fine lines. However, I found it wasn't enough hydration for my skin and after a while fine lines return as they were before you put the cream on. I don't think this product improved the condition of the under eye and lines over a period of usage, as it says it will. This product isn't worth the money, there are better out there, including from the Cosmedix brand.



Hair trends fade in and out like the seasons, and now Winter is here, we wonder what to do with our locks? Well who better to ask than renown hair stylist Greg Conrad from Conrad Mace Salon.
When I spoke to Greg, I wanted to know what this season’s hair is all about. What styles should we have this winter, and more importantly, what should not be repeated from last season? So if you are in a hair limbo, or just not sure whether to bust out the hair chalk, then relax, because all your questions will be answered by our hair expert.
According to Greg, styles are going back to the “just been to the salon look” and DIY hair is gone. Styles and colour must look polished, not “tizzy” and hair, regardless of length is healthy and shiny. So ladies, that means your pastel dream hair is out!! So put down the bleach. Now, just because the DIY hair trend isn’t carrying over to this season, doesn’t you have to spend hundreds at the hairdressers or get a wash and blow-wave every week. It just means keeping things in check. In fact, doing a semi at home every few weeks or throwing a few hot rollers in your hair is perfectly fine. Whatever works for you and your budget, as long as hair is kept simple, relaxed and fuss free.
Colour, which has had major focus over the past few years with all sorts of pastels and neons gracing the runway, (not to mention the infamous balayage trend) is taking a back seat.  According to Greg, we are moving back toward one solid colour. “Stripey” or heavy over colouring is a thing of the past. You want to take your hair back to one earthy tone. Greg recommends honey tones, lush browns and coppers. Tones which make hair look healthier and richer.
Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 9.19.02 PM
As far as styles go, Greg says fashion is nodding toward more classic do’s. We are talking waves in long hair, rather than curls. Water waves and vintage “Hollywood” styles, and of course you can’t go past the classic ‘bob’. Fringes are in, as is anything that is going to soften the face. The look is still urban and interesting, but not as harsh as the angular styles and hard edged colouring of last year.
As far as care goes, Greg says, invest in a wide barrelled curling iron to get the luscious loose waves he speaks of. Otherwise your GHD will do the trick, just brush through hair once you have curled the whole head. If you struggle with the back of your head, Greg suggests to “throw in a few rollers” at the back and let them cool. Make sure curls are not tight or springy but fall loosely.
To get hair into optimal health, Greg insists you can’t skip a deep moisturising treatment at least once a week. When styling is finished, put a dab of styling gloss, or coconut oil into palms and rub hands together and work lightly over the curls to add shine.
Try these products.
conrad mace
Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid – $21
A gorgeous leave-in for silky shiny healthy hair.
Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment – $21
A quick deep moisturising treatment to get hair looking its best.
KMS California Free Shape 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing Spray – $28
Perfect hair spray to shape and hold curls without stiffness. Heat activated and reduces heat damage and breakage.
Cloud Nine Waving Wand – $30
The ultimate styling tool.
Thanks to Greg Conrad from Conrad Mace Salon, 299 Toorak Road, South Yarra ph. (03) 9827 
For more information on Goldwell visit, KMS California and Cloud Nine
Images care of Conrad Mace, Goldwell, KMS California and Cloud Nine.
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